KIRZ Connect

The Internet as a business tool is a fundamental resource for any modern company operating in the modern world, needing to communicate & obtain vast amounts of business-critical information in real-time 24/7/365.

KIRZ Connect features a range of premium dedicated internet solutions for companies, large or small, requiring high quality Internet and digital transmission services. All KIRZ Internet solutions are tailor made to our individual clients business needs; they offer an uncompromised guarantee of speed, security & reliability, with very competitive pricing.

If you are unsure which service would be the most suitable for your business needs, our professional sales team is always on hand to assist you in finding the right solution.

Leased line – Leased fiber lines are ideal for those whose business is heavily dependent on reliable connectivity, for example providing access to critical applications to employees and teams across multiple offices, adopting cloud based hosted services (on-app), voice-over-IP (VoIP) telecommunications and video presence conferencing to improve efficiency, reduce expenditure or simply because they require continuous, reliable and fast Internet access without compromise.
Metro Ethernet – Metro E connects your local area network (LAN) to a wide area network (WAN) which provides very high speeds, stability and allows for rapid scalability for growing businesses. Metro E users can easily and securely connect with other uses on the same network, forming a secure internal network or Intranet. This is especially useful for business with multiple branches/offices in the same city, who wish to share data between themselves on a very fast and secure network.
Internet Bandwidth – KIRZ offers both domestic & international bandwidth to their customers, ranging anywhere from 1MB/s to 10GB/s. We specialize in combining our bandwidth supply with a leased fiber internet line, or by providing an agreed allocation to our clients collocating servers in our data center.
Premium International Bandwidth – KIRZ premium bandwidth guarantees that when you send any information via the internet, the data you have sent is at the very top of the information list that gets sent through the international gateways and into the receiving servers.