KIRZ Innovation

Innovative services feature a growing range of cutting-edge technology based ideas utilizing the strengths in which KIRZ excel – namely providing premium quality internet solutions for the modern world.

Our team of research & development specialists, led by our visionary CEO, consistently looks at the issues facing modern business today and put into practice the realization of these formative ideas, into fully working solutions.

A few of this dedicated teams developments include:

IPTV – offering content providers with turnkey solutions for both global & domestic delivery of their content.

VOD – aimed mainly at the hospitality / hotel markets, our video on demand solutions provide excellent results.

Digital Signage – getting your business noticed has never been so easy, or looked so good.

Live Broadcasting – whether your requirements are in entertainment, public addresses or corporate business related. Our bespoke live broadcasting services await you.

Eazy Call – the Eazy Call solution simply integrates with your current telephone system and you create the function menu to suit your business requirements. It’s an extremely versatile & cost effective solution.

KIRZ Conference – KIRZ brings the future of video conferencing to Thailand. Our solution gives full HD resolution, up to 50 people per meeting room session, across multiple platforms.