Leased Line

KIRZ has become a popular choice for large & small businesses wanting to increase the service level of their internet connection. As broadband – ADSL – connections are a shared resource and therefore vulnerable to fluctuations in performance, bandwidth inconsistency or even not connecting at all. The only way to actually guarantee stability and efficiency is to connect with a dedicated leased line. This type of connection comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is a contract between KIRZ (the service provider) and your business that guarantees KIRZ will provide the agreed service level or be held accountable if they fail to deliver.

Why would our business benefit from a KIRZ leased line?

Many companies host their data at a single location, usually the head office. In order to send & retrieve data efficiently at all times, a leased line is paramount to operating and maintaining a successful flow of data. Also for all other communication requirements of any modern business.
For businesses that are still using a shared ADSL broadband connection and suffering internet drop-outs during certain times of the day. A leased line essentially guarantees that your business has its own private connection 24/7 which is backed with a contracted agreement that KIRZ will uphold.
What are the obvious benefits?

Leased fibre lines are ideal for those whose business is heavily dependent on reliable connectivity, for example providing access to critical applications to employees and teams across multiple offices, adopting cloud based hosted services (on-app), voice-over-IP (VoIP) telecommunications and video presence conferencing to improve efficiency, reduce expenditure or simply because they require continuous, reliable and fast Internet access without compromise. KIRZ can help integrate all of these advanced systems into your business model very quickly & effectively. The future of communication is here – contact an advisor today and find out how your business can get started.
Why would we choose KIRZ fibre over another Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

A target of 100% service availability at all times, to keep your business online.
KIRZ is carrier neutral so we always have multiple resource redundancy available.
24/7 native English & Thai technical support.
Fast, stable Internet connection during peak web traffic times. You never have to share bandwidth with other users again.
KIRZ is a neutral provider of leased fibre lines, meaning when you make the decision to use our services you are getting an unprecedented level of service, choice & reliability over any other ISP in Thailand. Our technical support commitment to you, the client, is very personal; no third party is involved in our business relationship, so you deal directly with us on a one-to-one basis. KIRZ will be with you every step of the way, dedicated to provide every individual business, with real-time, professional native English / Thai – client care 24/7.

At KIRZ we are very passionate about satisfying our clientai??i??s needs. We will cater to your individual business requirements, with full transparency at all times. There are no hidden costs, or unwarranted fees for unnecessary services. You will only pay for what you actually need, and we will provide you with the tools in which to monitor in real-time, the connection that KIRZ is providing you with.

Guaranteed Reliability:

KIRZ has integrated advanced industry grade hardware into their infrastructure to guarantee security and reliability for our clientai??i??s data. KIRZ ensures that your private data is handled in a highly professional and stable network without interference or loss.

Ultimate Security:

Data security risks are one of the biggest problems facing businesses right now. KIRZ treats your private data as if it were our own, your business cannot afford to compromise on using a secure leased line connection to transfer sensitive data in these modern times. That’s why many businesses large & small have chosen to trust the KIRZ brand.

Business Class Support:

KIRZ provides a 24/7 support structure to deal with any issue you are having day or night. If problems occur that are within our control, we aim to have your service restored to regular service levels with minimal downtime. As a KIRZ client you will receive support contact numbers for native English or Thai personnel, depending on your requirement. The support team will provide regular reports until your service is fully operational again.

Consistent Speeds:

In any modern office a plethora of systems and devices are totally reliant on high speed internet. If you do not have a leased line connection your business could suffer with inefficiency at certain times during working hours, in which the allocated bandwidth is throttled by peak time use on your shared ADSL broadband connection. KIRZ will help your business to decide exactly the right connection to suit your current service requirements. We can also scale up the services as your business grows.