Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet or Metro E is a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), a cost effective, high bandwidth internet infrastructure that essentially loops around a city, providing exceptional connectivity for businesses, large corporations, government offices & academic institutions.

Metro E connects your local area network (LAN) to a wide area network (WAN) which provides very high speeds, stability and allows for rapid scalability for growing businesses. Metro E users can easily and securely connect with other uses on the same network, forming a secure internal network or Intranet. This is especially useful for business with multiple branches/offices in the same city, who wish to share data between themselves on a very fast and secure network.

KIRZ fibre optic transmission is used to connect you to the Metro E backbone with the capability to achieve data transfer speeds of 1mbps to 10gbps. This resource can transform the potential to your business, with Metro E, the world is in your local network.