Internet Bandwidth

The internet service comprises of tens of Millions of computers worldwide, through an elaborate series of cables and switches. KIRZ as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) forms & manages the high-speed link from the main internet network, to your office or home via your preferred method of transmission ai??i?? fiber, copper Ethernet or wirelessly – at affordable prices.

KIRZ offers both domestic & international bandwidth to their customers, ranging anywhere from 1MB/s to 10GB/s. We specialize in combining our bandwidth supply with a leased fiber internet line, or providing an agreed allocation to our clients collocating servers in our data center.

KIRZ Internet Bandwidth:

Our internet bandwidth packages range from 1mbps to 10gbps. Your required allocation would be determined by the size and scale of your business and how much access to data you would require.
Bandwidth is available via leased fiber lines, KIRZ data centreai??i??s and wireless transmissions.
If you are not sure how much bandwidth your company would need from us, our dedicated KIRZ staff is always available to provide the best possible solutions for your business requirements.
Free quotes are available for you on request. Contact us today!