Rack Space

KIRZ data centerai??i??s provide an excellent range of co-location services to businesses in need of secure, reliable & minute-by- minute monitored service. All situated in a state-of-the-art, industry grade environment.

How much space does your business require?

A full ai???rackai??i?? comprises of 42 units inside a tall cabinet, that are rented as proportionate areas of space ai??i?? often referred to as a ai???Uai??i??. The amount of units (Uai??i??s) that your business requires depends on the number of servers and other equipment, necessary to operate your applications effectively. For smaller businesses this could be 3U of rack space, with larger companies operating data heavy services, requiring a full rack or more. Most rack mounted servers take up 1U of space. This is an approximate area of 1,75ai??? within the 42U full rack cabinet.

Rack space costs are based on two main factors:

The amount of rack space your business requires (Uai??i??s)
The amount of power outlets your co-located equipment needs.
If you are unsure about the amount of rack space your business needs to rent from us, our friendly KIRZ staff is always on hand to calculate and personally advise the best solution for your business applications, to make sure you receive the best valued service that is possible. Our technical team offer continued support 24/7/365 for your business services that KIRZ is supplying. We also offer full equipment management services at our data centreai??i??s, taking care of your equipment and fulfilling any changes as part of your team ai??i?? running backups, upgrading hardware, security checks.