Co-location (colo) is an equipment (mainly server) housing service provided by a third party data center to businesses needing a suitable environment to operate their necessary equipment from. The data center provides all the fundamental services as a turnkey solution:

Secure & clean environment
Rack space
Domestic & international bandwidth
Industrial cooling
Network & server monitoring
Networking equipment
There are many reasons why a business will choose to use a co-location service over that of building its own data center. Mainly to avoid high costs, additional staff & high maintenance which can be a serious drain on both resources & finances of a growing business.

Businesses might also choose to collocate servers or other equipment, even if they have an operational data center themselves. This is typically as a redundancy precaution in case of any serious issues effecting their own site.

To find out how easy a KIRZ co-location services can be. Please contact our friendly technical KIRZ staff who will quickly provide details & costs for a full co-location solution for your business.